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   Company name : Siam Optical
Technology Company Limited
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Siam Optical Technology Company

    Siam Optical Technology Company is a complete solution provider to Optical Industry world wide. Stock Ophthalmic lenses in Plastic and mineral, Precision ophthalmic lenses made to prescription in plastic and mineral, Equipments for Ophthalmic labs, Spectacle Frames, Technology Transfer for lens producers and Moulds for casting lenses.. We provide them all.

    Situated in the export processing Zone near capital city of Bangkok, Siam Optical Technology , our Ophthalmic lab & coating facility is equipped with latest CNC generator , processing equipment , Automatic hard coating and Vaccumm coating machines for anti reflection coatings.

    Our products are exported to markets all over the globe. They are very well known and accepted by the customers in various advanced markets . Marked with ISO 9002 and conforming to all major world standards including F.D.A and CE mark , we compete successfully with major branded lenses in global market place. With exceptional customer service matched by our quality assurances , our products enjoy customer support in north and south America , European Union, Scandinavia, Baltic states and East European countries, Middle East, India , Asia Pacific and Africa.

    Keeping in touch with latest technology and ever changing needs of our customers, we have never hesitated to invested in newer technologies and know how. Our R & D works relentlessly to bring the latest products to our customers. We go out of our way to maintain and improve the quality standards of our products to a standard which our customers have come to expect from us. Yet we never loose the focus on our basic goal i.e. to provide an internationally accepted high quality product to our customers with a price which allows them to penetrate their markets with a strong price and quality advantage. We believe that good quality need not be prohibitively expensive. Our products and services reflect this belief and our satisfied customers all over the world agree !!